Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting serious

Its time to get serious with this blog and use it for what I first intended it to be, writing practice. And also to get all those wandering thoughts out that keep clouding up everyday thinking. The theory being if I put them down on paper (well on screen), it will free my head up so I can remember all those important things like when my daughter’s parent/teacher night is and that my son’s cricket gear needs to be washed BEFORE Saturday, not ON Saturday.

And that is why I have spent hours wasting time, sorry, researching, other people’s blogs. Twitter was the best tool to find relevant ones, an improvement on my usual method, just pressing ‘Next Blog’ on the top of the screen. I ended up trying to analyse the relation of the bloggers, from ‘mom of 2’, to ‘Christ follower’, to ‘Cancer survivor’, to ‘Quilt fanatic’, to ‘Style Mum’ and it went on and on and on. Now not to take away from these hundreds of diligent and fascinating people, but the only link I could find with me was that they were mums. Unfortunately most were in the US, totally obsessed with their kids/husband/quilts and wanted to tell us all about every little thing that happens in their life. Thankfully most of the Australian mum blogs I found through Mia Freedman and others were a little less … obsessed and much funnier. It’s true we don’t take ourselves very seriously. Thank goodness.

And what is it that I want to say? Nothing earth shattering, just observations and the odd revelation. Like why at 45 am I still finding excuses not to do the thing I really love to do – write? I think it’s the old “if its not perfect, why bother” but then every writing tip I read (and for some reason I keep reading these books, taking these courses) says just keep writing, anything, everything, everyday, no matter what it is. Maybe I keep trying to find the tip that justifies my cowardice. ANYWAY! Let the rambling begin!

See, its happened already, I started to type something about the world and I deleted it because I was worried it would be read the wrong way and someone would think I was self obsessed and just generally up myself. And how do I know if people actually read this stuff if they don’t comment, and what would be the point of putting it out there if no one reads it, then I’m worrying that people are reading it and judging it! Aaaaarrrrgh! “You spin me round, round, round, like a record ….” [geez I love the eighties music!]. And there, that door opened to the fuzzy side of the brain “step on through to the other side…” [ok Jim Morrison was earlier than the eighties but love him lots].

Ok, you have to agree that was a better attempt, eh? Tune in next time, I might actually say something!

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