Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dreams and reality

I had a sick day today and felt the need to sleep in until 11am. That means weird morning dreams. You know the ones, they're really vivid and sometimes a little shocking. My dream was the type where you are dreaming inside a dream.

Briefly (because most people switch off when they're listening to somebody else's dream), I dreamt my parents had died (and they had in real life, several years ago) but I woke within the dream in their old flat on their old couch and they were sitting up at their old dining table.

So I was quite relieved that it was only a dream, but Dad was on my iphone (which didn't exist when he was alive) just finishing a call from my boss letting her know I was staying home sick today. I was frustrated with him because he wouldn't tell me what she said and he didn't know how to hang up. So I forgot my relief that he was alive and took the phone off him.

When I woke for real I was both sad, frustrated and ashamed.  Big, deep message in there for me somewhere.


To anyone that has been reading this blog for awhile, my apologies for not writing for such a long time - I have a million excuses but it mainly comes down to very little energy and next to no motivation.  I forget this place is for having a chat and I think I can't do a post unless it's perfectly done and interesting, informative or insightful with just the right picture. I've realised if I wait for that miracle to happen, I would never write again.  And I quite enjoy writing.

I promise I won't leave it so long next time.


  1. Thanks for sharing.
    My mum passed last year and soon after I dreamt of her a lot, but not so much now.
    I know what you mean by these types of dreams, they feel soo real and you wake with a deep sense of them.
    So glad I stumbled across you on Twitter :)
    Emma x

  2. Hi Becci!
    I hope you're off writing your novel!
    You have such an authentic style and a willingness to go deep. The world needs more of this!
    Candice xo


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