Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Time to get moving

Maintaining yourself can be really hard work.  Its almost a full time job.  I hear some women even spend all of their time, time that most of us spend working inside and outside the home, on keeping up their beauty, fitness and style.  Imagine that, imagine that your only responsibility was looking after yourself.


I spend, on average, 10 minutes on self grooming in the morning, maybe 30 minutes if I'm going out.  Occasionally I go to a hairdresser, maybe once every six months and I go to a friend for a trim about every six weeks.

I'm no good at buying clothes and avoid it as much as possible.

Facials are wonderful but its a luxury that probably only happens once a year.

Manicures and pedicures are not something I have or want. Ever.

But the need to get (and stay) fit has suddenly become a luxury I can't avoid any longer.  I'm three years off the half century and though I'm in reasonably good shape (all because of genetics and not because of any effort on my part), I realise if I don't get strong and fit NOW I will be a stiff and bent over old woman before my time.

I can hear my knees creak and click everytime I climb the stairs. My scoliosis stabs me in the lower back every time I sit on the ground for more than ten minutes. If I attempt to run, my knee gives out.  My ankle can turn like a key after a long walk and my shoulders stiffen up from 30 years of slouch typing.

I need some work.

So I joined a gym (again) but this time I employed a personal trainer for a couple of sessions to make sure I was doing the right exercises and not operating the equipment backwards.  I don't mind giving her a plug, because Kim from Fit Mums was very helpful and got me moving without actually whipping me to do it.
[No kidding, this was just on TV while I typed that last paragraph!]

OK focus Becci.  So I've been a total of three times and I haven't given up!  I know I've started this before and have given up when time and life got in the way.  I had all the excuses but this time I'm more motivated.

I have new Lorna Jane gym clothes.  So yeah, I have to.

Not to mention there's probably not that many years left to save my body so it lives (and moves) for many many more years.  And I really want to learn to run, apparently that's what can help you get fit.

(This will be me after getting fit - and getting a boob job)
Have you kept fit most of your life or have you left it late?

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p.s. Has anyone seen that new Vodaphone ad and got freaked out with the giant baby heads?


  1. I am the same vintage as you and when I stated running I couldn't run for more than 30s but I could walk forever .
    Good on you for moving .

  2. Over the past two years getting serious about fitness has been on my radar, though injuries and illness has slowed me down. At least I'm still standing. I ordered a 'fithoop' last week to focus on my core, which I can do while watching TV or using it to (legitimately) avoid putting away the kids clothes. this way it will add some fun to my exercise routine and turn getting your washing into an obstacle course for the kids! Why is it they'll be interested in doing something if there's a challenge!

  3. I've been working extra hard on it at the moment. Put on a couple of kilos and I'm not liking it.
    Plus I just enjoy feeling strong. There's something really liberating about feeling like your body can do anything


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