Friday, September 27, 2013

A FYBF Cheat Sheet of Sorts

My mind is full of things to talk about and stuff that's happening, but to write it all in detail to give it's due, would have me here tapping into the wee small hours and those most important Friday duties like making dinner (pasta tonight), watching TV with my family (well me watching The Living Room downstairs while the boys watch the footy upstairs) and getting my outfits together for two fancy do's on the weekend, would never get done.

So here's the jumble that is my head in point form:

Things I'm watching:

  • Derek - what a brilliant show this is.  I've just caught up on episodes 6 and 7 on ABC'S iView this afternoon and feeling a little melancholy before was probably the reason I was in tears watching this Derek episode  - I dare you to watch it without shedding some too.  Ricky Gervais may be dry and cynical on Twitter but his development of this character is probably one of the best presented on TV in history.  That's a big claim, tell me what you think.
  • Big Brother - yes, I've been a victim of BB addiction since its inception (was that in 2000?).  Some years I just got jack of it when I couldn't hear what they were all going on about because it would be on the same time as the kids' pre bedtime bedlam and there were some seasons that just got too sleazy, even for me!  But this season has got me in and I enjoy laughing at Tim's cheekiness, loving Ben for anything he does and yelling at Tully for amplifying every emotion while playing with others' emotions (glad she's gone, just quietly).  If you're not a fan of the show, I can totally understand. Sometimes I'm ashamed of the trash I enjoy. Not really.
  • Blue Jasmine - saw this recently on a date night with Mr Moneymaker.  Not sure if he enjoyed it so much (he's not a big fan of Woody Allen's movies) but I certainly did.  Cate Blanchett is sure to get an Oscar for this one. She plays a wonderfully flawed character, a woman that's losing it and it feels completely feasible how quickly someone could end up as the bag lady on the street having in depth conversations with herself.  Hopefully I'll be saved before then!
Things I'm wearing:
  • I actually do have Lorna Jane gym wear on at the moment - my intention this morning was to go to the gym but a couple of diversions intervened. Daughter and her sleepover friends needed a lift to Newtown and as I dropped off the boy at a friend's house on the way I had the feeling that leaving him there with five other boys under 11 being supervised by the 'big brother' who was only 13 was not a great idea.  So I made my way back to pick him up through typical Sydney traffic and the motivation to then go to the gym disappeared. I went for a walk around the bay though, so there you are, I used my gym gear!
  • Just tried on my dress for a friend's 30th tomorrow night. Its a black tie masquerade dinner which forced Mr Moneymaker to buy a long overdue new trendy suit. I've gone with a black velvet halter-neck dress from over 15 years ago which I had originally bought for a Christmas work ball.  The second year I wore it I was 8 months pregnant and because it is velvet it accomodates all shapes. Perfect for my current side lumps as well. I'm also contemplating wearing the purple mask but it is so difficult to see out of it I may just pinch his black and gold one, Mr Moneymaker will probably enjoy the Zorro one more anyway.

Things I'm booking:
  • This is instead of what I'm buying (trying to curb spending lately) as I've booked our holiday in January. It will be, as usual, a visit to my sister's up the North coast. But this time I've booked a unit in her complex so we have plenty of room and Mr Moneymaker can lay around in his underwear for a week as he loves to do. 
  • I've started to do my research on our planned holiday in 12 months time. A week in the UK and a week in France. This has been our plan for a few years now but we must do it in 2014, before one, we get too old, two, the kids get too old and don't want to travel with their daggy parents anymore.  I'm contemplating house swapping to save money and to live in apartments instead of hotels but as we are only going a short time, it may not work out.  Has anyone tried house swapping?
Things I'm listening to:
  • Favourites at the moment are Lorde (who I found out was a fellow Kiwi!) and her song Royale 

and Amanda Palmer's Ukelele Anthem (kicking myself that I didn't buy a ticket to her show at The Enmore this month!!).  Have a listen (love the lyrics from Amanda, it always cheers me up) and tell me what you think....


  1. I think house swaps are a great idea! And love you are rocking a dress you used to rock ages ago. What mask did you go with? I didn't know about Derek, must have a look at it, maybe after a few bubbles tonight once kiddies are snugged up in bed! Have a great week ahead! Emily

  2. I love Derek. I struggled with the first episode. I felt very uncomfortable watching the Derek character. It felt like he was mocking and imitating a person with a disability. I also felt angry he was making fun of a disabled man. I didn't want to laugh.

    I continued watching the series and I read some of Ricky Gervais explanations of Derek. I love the show and I cry almost every week. It is beautiful and funny.

  3. Ok I need to get into this Derek show.
    I used to be a huge fan of BB back in the days now I just cant watch it.
    Loving the purple dress you have to wear the purple mask even if it's just for a little bit.
    You can fit me in your suit case for your planned holiday next year.
    Love the Royale song too one of my favs at the moment. My 2 yr old and me do the clicking in time with the song.


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