Friday, May 17, 2013

Laughing Out Loud - for real.

I love funny shit.  I'd rather watch a funny movie or show more than watch any other kind of entertainment.  But its got to be LBL-funny (for those that are reading who have not given birth, LBL is an acronym for Light Bladder Leakage of course).

In fact I love it so much I lose alot of sleep so I can see more of it.  One of my favourite shows at the moment is The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, which unfortunately is getter later and later, currently shown on Eleven at 11.30pm.
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But last night I when I went to bed I was once again sick of waiting while Star Trek went through its millionth episode, so I flicked about the channels (does anyone else have to spank the remote occasionally to make it work?) and found an old favourite on One - Whose Line Is It Anyway?  And I just happened to come across the funniest       episode      I've      ever       seen.

If you haven't watched this show, the brief explanation of the show is that its a little like improvisational theatre. But alot funnier and with talented comedians. In particular, Wayne Brady.

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This episode features the flamboyant, bedazzled aerobic nutter, Richard Simmons. This guy can be seen to be a bit too much to handle - and I was about to agree until I read his whole profile just now on Wikipedia. He has done alot of stuff - he's nothing like the joke I thought he was. And those bedazzled tank tops, they are actually Swarovski crystals.  I really must read Wikepedia more often. You learn stuff.
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So here's what had me in tears last night, laughing so hard I just about fell out of bed. Almost woke up the Moneymaker!

Enjoy. And happy Flog Your Blog Friday!

Part 1:

Part 2:


  1. Those guys are so funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. I will have to come back and watch these clips later as I am currently flanked by small children watching Peppa Pig. Good times.

    But I used to love Whose Line Is It Anyway, especially Wayne Brady - what a talent. He turned up as Barney Stinson's brother in How I Met Your Mother - another very funny show. I'm like you - it's gotta make me laugh these days. xx

  3. Mony python does that to me. I remember one night coming home and it was on. The segment was about a,Scottish bloke who,used to roam around the country side reciting poety, only the poetry was basically asking people for loans ... If you lend me a fiver I'll pay u back tmr ... What cracked me up were the academics who,we're on the show analyzing his poetry - structural theorists etc - I'd been studying the same kind of stuff at uni and I rolled around the floor in tears, it was such an excellent piss take x

  4. OMG! We need to have a "Whose Line Is It, Anyway" TV night! My husband and I piss ourselves laughing over that show!
    Wayne Brady in particular is a bloody funny dude. He needs to be on more stuff. Then again, maybe not. He'd probably end up being a Hollywood sellout!


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