Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Free Year - What would you do?

Somebody recently said to me that they were considering taking a year off work and just doing nothing for the first time in over 30 years.


How would that feel?  To not have to go to work every day?

Not that I hate my job, in fact, I'm quite fond of it.  The people are great, the surroundings are comfortable and there are just the right amount of challenges every day to keep me interested.  But would I do it if I didn't have to - if I didn't have a mortgage bigger than The Black Sea?  Maybe, but only a couple of days a week probably.  I still enjoy working in a school and I would find it almost impossible to go back to a normal corporate setup.  You forget why you're there.  At least when the kids are actually running in and out of my office I'm reminded why I fight against my natural instinct to stay in bed every weekday (I don't fight it on the weekend of course).  And I do have the best boss in the world.

And what would I do if I didn't go to work?  Well (besides spending more time with the kids before they grow up anymore and leave the nest) .....  how about:

  • Write that book I keep harping on about?
  • What about trying to remember those lessons from that blues harp workshop yonks ago?
  • While I'm at it, I would love to learn to play the ukelele too.
  • I'd go back to life drawing lessons. Nudes are in I hear.
  • Take up tennis - just for a laugh and the pleasure of wearing a tennis skirt (plus the look on my daughter's face).
  • Cook more - so tired of 'putting together' boring spag bol, chops and mash and stir fry every week. Wanna get exotic!
  • Take some decent photos with a decent camera (or get those antique German cameras out of the cupboard and fixed up).
  • Get some chickens and a compost heap - I used to reach a Zen level while shovelling chook poo.  Don't ask, it was a difficult year.  But I love chickens!
  • Get back on a horse regularly.
  • Travel travel travel travel travel travel ... you get the picture. I feel like I'm the only person in my suburb that hasn't been to Europe.
Wow,  and I thought I would be bored!

So if you could take a year off all your daily responsibilities, what would you do?  Besides the obvious answer all the Mums will give - spend time with the kids, of course.

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  1. I would write a book for sure. As soon as I get over the procrastination problem I have.

  2. That's a great list you got there! I wish I could get a gap year too! Never had one. Now I regret it. I'd love to travel for a year if I could afford it.

  3. I kind of got the opportunity to do this in 2011. I actually did not use this time remotely wisely and got pregnant and instead, and moved house, so I couldn't do the things I wanted to anyway! It was planned, but still, I had no idea what I was getting into!

    I think if I had that again, say went back in time and did it again, I would do some short courses, spend more time making art and reading. I would contribute to my local community through volunteering, and I would definitely do more gardening. Owning chickens in a dream of mine!

  4. love the exotic cooking, riding horses and the travel part. Love your post. Thanks.

  5. Nah, I wouldn't spend time with the kids! I would have to have a self-imposed computer ban too. I would have a massage, go to the cinema, buy a good magazine and sit on the beach - this day off will happen in summer. I have plenty of time to plan.

    1. Ha ha - just realised I answered this as if I only had one day off. A year off ... does. not. compute.

  6. No idea what i would do. Maybe write more?
    Does it include a year off from the kids? Cause it wouldn't really be a year off then would it? ;)


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