Friday, February 1, 2013

With the best intentions ...

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It's the beginning of February and there's so much I want to achieve, improve and create this year so I need to get myself organised.  This means going against my natural instinct and get myself 'scheduled'! I've got a lovely new blue planner from InnerB which should help me enormously. I've signed up with a team at work for a health challenge and I'm booked into the DPCON13 in March.  Nothing should stop me now!!!


With the best intentions I boot up the MacBook almost every night determined to write a post that will entertain or inspire or amuse or at least provide something interesting to read for someone!

With the best intentions I start to wade through junk emails to find those gems that will inspire or motivate me to jump into action.

With the best intentions I pour a glass of wine to relax my brain from another hectic week of work, kids, house and the detritus of life.

With the best of intentions I vow that from this day on I will promise myself to eat better and move more before my bones solidify in a sitting position.

With the best intentions I pour over wonderful interior design magazines and blogs so I can create a home of comfort and style.

With the best intentions I cruise through Pinterest for oohs and aaahs and I wish's ..... (oops, just flicked over there and got lost in My Big Nutshell!) um, so I can create beautiful things too.

With the best intentions.


  1. Oh my gosh you are PSYCHIC! This is me, exactly!
    Pinterest and interior design magazines totally count as research, right?

  2. Oooooh, a new planner will definitely help! If not it will look nice on your desk! I don't think I am going to get to DPCON13... I hope that you find someone else who has equal drinking stamina! So sad that I won't be there to hold the bar up with you.
    Now to turn those intentions into action! xx


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