Friday, February 8, 2013

The diet you have when you're not on a diet - The I Quit Sugar Program

This is not another one of those high fullitin', gung-ho, goal-orientated posts that outlines my fitness and weight loss plans.  But .... I DO need to lose some weight, I DO need to get healthier, stronger and fitter.  And yes, I DID join a health challenge at work.

We are in teams of four and we've paid our $10 entry fee. We've all weighed in and taken our waist measurements and each week they get checked again.  If we've gained weight we pay a $5 fee.  At the end of the challenge (I think it's about six weeks) we tally up and the winners that lost the most (in percentages I think), wins the kitty (that's the money raised, not a cat).  They can either use the winnings to spend on a big fat lunch or they can donate it to their favourite charity.

Mmmm, might leave that decision till the end of the challenge.

We might be really, really hungry by then.

My team is called the Celery Sticks. I did suggest a name that would give us motivation towards a reward at the end of the challenge, like Red Velvet Cupcakes, but after mentioning the name we all took a moment to think and all we could visualise were delicious cakes. Not so much a motivator as a temptation I think.

My diet plan isn't so much a plan as a reduction in 'bad' foods and cutting out sugar.  I've been following the I Quit Sugar program developed by Sarah Wilson.  I started (the first time) about two months before Christmas and was surprised at how much weight I lost in the first three weeks just by cutting out sugar in my tea and replacing it with Natvia, not having any soft drinks (not that I drink that much, more a milkshake girl) and dropping my deadly cake habit (I'm a sucker for a cream bun).

Unfortunately Christmas got a hold of me and my almost non-existent willpower gave way to all the chocky gifts and rich foods.  Along with a Summer holiday up the coast and I abandoned the IQS program until I was back at work.  I gave myself the beginning of February to get back on it.  When I'm at work I'm much more disciplined to the point where I sometimes forget to have lunch and I have the opportunity to run up and down the stairs repeatedly.  Luckily I've found ways to eat as if I'm not on a diet, which I love.  I've discovered eating traditionally 'fat' foods aren't as bad as eating some processed foods that are full of sugar and preservatives.  In fact, as soon as I cut sugar out I went back on full cream milk and still lost weight!

I've been telling everybody at work about IQS and have even left a copy of Sarah's cookbook in kitchen.  If you'd like to check it out you can read all about it here:

Order here
*Disclosure:  As an affiliate of the I Quit Sugar Program, for every one of Sarah's ebooks somebody buys, I make a small commission.  And I assure you that I've only became an affiliate with this product because after trying Sarah's program I wanted to tell everyone about it.  I wouldn't ever flog a product I don't believe in as I'm really shite at lying.

**Joining up with With Some Grace's FYBF!

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  1. I do wonder about all this. I am fairly muddle headed and wonder if I could ever give up sugar, yeast and coffee like I did once many years ago before children. It was an incredible experience,my skin was AMAZING but it came with a horrible detox element of sweats and nausea that I imagined was akin to going cold turkey on serious drugs. I am scared!

    Good luck though!


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