Friday, July 6, 2012

A Taste of Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 - FYOB

It's been almost a week since Nuffnang Blogopolis and I'm suffering from information overload.  My wee brain wants to retain all the great stuff that was shown and said so I'm doing it slowly.  I even bought ProBlogger's book to get me going.  Also I've been reading everybody else's reviews of the day and noting down what I need to remember to make this little old blog shine. Also being reminded of the hilarious women I enjoyed more than one bubbly with:

Rachel from The Kids Are Alright (great wrap-up of the day)
Janine from Shambolic Living
Grace from With Some Grace (don't forget to view her vlog of the day)
Rah from Smarter Admins
Melissa from Suger Coat It
Deb from Debbishdotcom
and lots more lovely ladies I can't remember right now but really enjoyed talking to.

The day was pretty damn good.  The speakers, the food (I think I ate a fair chunk of everything on offer, plus I just about fainted over the creme brûlée), the company (flanked by Rah and Fiona it was a bit like the naughty table up the back of the class) and the teacups! I couldn't believe I happened to sit at the place that had the exact same Royal Albert teacup and saucer my late Dad used to drink from everyday.

All the presenters were to be admired for getting up in front of us all (seeing we spent a lot of the time distracted by the Twitter feed exposing Spoongate and the merits of someone's rear). I particularly enjoyed the panels (thanks Goodgoogs, Mrs Woog, Edenland and others for giving us a chuckle too).

Hopefully I will take all this useful info and improve my blog but I think I'll need some help with the technical stuff (for some reason I can't even put a FB Like button on my page!!??).

But for now, if I don't get this post off I will live to what Janine agreed was my aka name, Consistently Inconsistent Blogger.  And also, I need to get this Kiwi ready to go and see the cutest Kiwis in town, Flight of the Conchords tonight! Woohoo!

And please don't forget to enter our tea break giveaway here, you've got till Sunday so hurry!

(Linking up in With Some Grace for FlogYoBlog Friday)


  1. Katrina Chambers had some 'how to' posts about things like adding buttons on your blog (over at The Media Maid).

    I am loving all the Blogopolis follow ups. The knowledge out there is Amazing!

  2. Oooh have fun tonight! Can't wait to hear all about it!
    And how good were those creme brûlées ??? To. Die. For!!!

  3. Loved catching up with you at Blogopolis. Thanks for the link :) x


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