Friday, June 29, 2012

The night before Blogopolis

I've just realised how huge tomorrow is going to be.  And I'm not prepared ... as usual.

I was all psyched up for DPCON12 in March because I was flying to Melbourne for it but as Nuffnang's Blogopolis is in my hometown (in fact only 10 minutes drive away), I'm just getting out of that blasé feeling about it.

Pull your socks up, Becci! Get your act together!

As I've been commenting on other bloggers' posts about the conference, I've realised I really need to think how I'm going to approach it.  I've got my new MacBook Air ready and about to try out Evernote for the first time tonight along with Crash Test Mummy's tips (thanks Laney!).  I've worked out how to use my iPhone as a modem in case the wi-fi at the Sofitel doesn't work out.

Somehow I'm going to actually RETAIN INFORMATION at this conference.  I'll be testing my skills on the social media side but at least I know my fast typing skills will come in handy.

One thing I must remember are my new business cards.  I had some shoddy handmade ones at DPCON12 and I've now got a box of professional looking ones (thanks for designing them Danni!) ready to hand out.  Hopefully someone will want one.

I would also have loved to stay at the Sofitel Wentworth but I can't really justify the cost seeing I live so close.  Anyone need a roomie?  Don't snore and only take up a small space as I sleep in the foetal position all night.  Oh, I also tend to be the last one up as I end up chatting/drinking all night (hi fellow night owl Lee from Mummy Issues!)  Otherwise I've got a spare couch if anyone is stuck for accommodation, and there is a great cafe two minutes walk away for brekky (sorry, can't promise room service but I can provide a nightcap and a cuppa in the morning).

Now there is one very important preparation left - what to wear!?!?!?  Off to my boring wardrobe and some style advice from my stylish 13 year old daughter to work that one out (are jeans and boots too casual?).

Now I'm pumped and ready to pull my finger out!  What about you?  Let me know how unprepared or prepared you are for Nuffnang's Blogopolis, and hopefully I'll see you there!

Joining up with With Some Grace for FYOB Friday.


  1. Hi Becci, hope I'll run into you tomorrow. So, can I count on you to be my designated driver again? :)

    1. Hi Rachel, I will hopefully be waaaaaay over the limit at the after conference drinks, but I will share a cab with you. See you there!

  2. LOL! You are a funny chica! I am sooo always! But I am planning to get there on time...a little earlier, even!
    See ya tomorrow ! x

  3. Hello! Following you from Flow Yo Blog Friday blog hop! Looking forward to reading more! Would appreciate the follow back!
    Have a great weekend!!! :)

  4. Hello! Following you from Flow Yo Blog Friday blog hop! Looking forward to reading more! Would appreciate the follow back!
    Have a great weekend!!! :)

  5. Hi Becci, thanks for coming along to my session and for buying my book. Hope you had a fantastic time!


  6. I wasn't really prepared. I realised on Friday morning I should pack my stuff and get into the city as I was staying there Friday & Saturday night. I kind of just threw everything in a bag. I took my ipad, but ended up just taking notes on the paper that was provided!

    It was nice to meet you!

  7. Hey Becci, seems I missed out on seeing you- maybe at the next blog event :) What did you end up wearing? I'm sure you looked fabulous :)


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