Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#IBOT - Motivation and Mojo and Photo A Day July

Failing miserably with keeping up with Photo a Day July so have been catching up with two and four at a time. So strictly not A photo A day but as I've stated before, I can get easily distracted.  Here there were as appeared on Instagram so far:

 Day 1 - Self Portrait of Crazy Dog Lady

 Day 3 - New home for Candy - Busy tripped over cage and it broke

 Day 4 - Fun in the Apple store
 Day 5 - On the floor, comfy and occupied
 Day 6-8 - Chair, Garden, Lunch (in a cup)
 Day 9 - BIG sign with Big Sister acting the goose
 Day 10 - Favourite colour
 Day 11-12 - Letter and Texture (an antique school chair)
 Day 13-16 - Open, Building, Finger, Sign
 Day 17 - My Addiction

And also I've been struck down, more than once, with the dreaded lergy.  Coupled with three days staying at an "off-the-grid" farmhouse in Canberra with the entire Under 10's soccer team and their parents, it's been a little hard to keep the Instagram challenge up.  But I know there all just excuses for not getting things done.

One of the things lacking in my psyche is the motivation component.  I've had no bloggy mojo lately, in fact my mojo has gone out the door for almost everything.  I haven't felt like writing, reading, cooking, watching movies, partying, anything!  It must be the Winter Blues, they've set in well and truly.  The lovely sunny weather hasn't even helped.  I know what would help but I haven't had the energy to do my usual walk around the bay (and Sydney's not happy about it).

Then I stay up all night watching crappy TV so I wake up late and grumpy and totally exhausted.  Today I struggled to keep my eyes open during a meeting (doesn't look good when you have to stop taking the minutes so you can try and smuggle a yawn).

So here I am again at almost 11pm - at least I'm giving the blog some attention.

That's it - I'm going to join the mob and give myself a To Do List (again? I hear!).  In the next week I will:

  • Take my poor pooch for a nice, long, hard walk at least twice.
  • Finish reading one of the two books I've gotten halfway through (if I finish Mao's Last Dancer I can reward myself and start the second Fifty Shades!).
  • Cook up a batch of my pumpkin and bacon soup before the Queensland Blue goes even bluer.
  • Do at least one other blog post before the week is out.
There, I've left it at four so it won't be too much of a challenge and I won't get so distracted ... again!

Joining up with Diary of a SAHM and IBOT!


  1. I hope you stay healthy now. It's good that you have given yourself a to-do list. I should really do that too. Rachel x

    1. And I even achieved one of those listed today - a nice big walk! Feeling better already.

  2. Good luck with that Becci! Buy Mao's Last Dancer as an audio book and you can multi-task.

    1. Nothing beats holding a well read paperback though, no distractions from somebody's voice. Managed to read 3 chapters in the sun today, was lovely.

  3. I struggle to do the photo a day thing; I just have no photographic inspiration really. Hope your mojo return soon; it's horrid bring without it.

    1. My artistic motivation is waning as the month wears on, as you can see with my rushed recent photos. Hopefully my clicky mojo will return.

  4. I truly hope you are healthy now. It's good that you have given yourself a to-do list and wish you luck with it!

    1. Thanks Patricia, feeling even better after completing my first To Do and even getting onto the reading today as well!


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