Friday, July 20, 2012

Liebster Blog Award and 11 Things You Didn't Know About Me ... Maybe

My fellow Kiwi, Kimba Likes, has kindly passed on a Leibster Blog Award which is a lovely way to promote some fellow wee bloggers (that's little ones, not ones with a bladder problem).

Now this award comes with some responsibilities.  One is to supply 11 facts about myself, so here goes:

1.  My second toe is longer than my big toe (this is a delightful genetic character of my family).
2.  I can bend my thumb back to my wrist.  This proves useful for nothing except amusing children.
3.  I can draw - mostly naked people but can whip out a cartoon dog or kiwi in a minute.
4.  I like having my hair brushed. My husband did this on my first date to charm me. It worked. He has done it about twice since.
5.  My right ear was very pointy as a child and my sisters called me pixie ears.  I have covered it with long hair ever since.
6.  My nose is crooked. Not because I broke it, but according to family lore, because as a small child I used to like sleeping face down with my bum in the air.  Apparently this squished my nose permanently. [I reckon one of those siblings dropped me as a baby and broke my nose.]
7.  My palms and soles of my feet are really, really wrinkly, always have been.
8.  I have trouble falling asleep before 12am, but I am now trying to train myself to konk out earlier, up to 11.30pm now!
9.  I find it really hard to get up in the mornings, be it Winter or Summer (see point 8 for possible reason).
10.  I can't swim very well. I do what I call the Frog Stroke with my head above water as I hate the feeling of water up the nose.  I also like to be able to feel the bottom of the pool with my feet and I don't go into the ocean.  This despite the fact I grew up by the beach.
11.  I have had, in the past, the occasional dream that came true. Odd things like news items, e.g. a crocodile that was stolen from an Adelaide zoo and also how a missing girl was found dead in a boot.

Another responsibility is to answer the questions Kim has set for me:

  1. How many pairs of shoes do you own?  Not sure but I think it's about 22 but only regularly wear about 3.
  2. What’s your favourite perfume?  Beautiful, or a gardenia bush.
  3. How many countries have you visited?  Born in NZ (only went back once about 4 yrs ago), Fiji 3 times (got married there), Thailand 2 yrs ago.
  4. What was the first car you owned?  Part of a Holden EH station wagon, but the first one that was mine to drive (learnt at 25) was a Suzuki Vitara soft top.
  5. What’s your favourite movie?  I love many many many movies but I saw Life of Brian the most times.  Still in love with Mouline Rouge though.
  6. What’s your tipple of choice?  Coffee, Tea, Baileys, Vodka tonic and lime or champagne. Don't mind a nice white either ... or a Cosmopolitan ... OK almost anything except soft drinks.
  7. Diet Coke or full fat?  Don't drink Coke unless its really really hot weather and there's no vodka.
  8. Brazilian, full bush or somewhere in between?  Never a Brazilian, mostly in between.
  9. Do you have any pets?  Yes, Sydney the Schnoodle is my third child and Candy the pensioner budgie.
  10. How many siblings do you have?  Three older sisters and an older brother.
  11. What’s your favourite nail polish colour du jour?  Hardly ever use nail polish but had a stint with pale pale pink for awhile.

Another is to flog great bloggers that have under 200 followers.  Now I may be mistaken (I'm not very good at the statistical/techie side of this caper) but I think these guys have less than 200.  If they don't, I'm very sorry I underestimated you, no offence intended 'cause I'm a fan otherwise I wouldn't have listed you here!  And though it's not the required 11 bloggers, it's only because others that I would like to tag, I know are over 200.

So guys, consider yourself tagged!

Whining at the World
My Big Nutshell
Mummy Issues
Rainbow Tatt
Mum on the Run
Jelly Shane

Now it's your turn to answer the following Leibster questions I have chosen for you:

1.   Did you suck your thumb as a child?
2.   Did you achieve the career/job of your childhood dreams?
3.   Did you ever have a dream that came true?
4.   What's your favourite biscuit?
5.   What's your party trick?
6.   Hugh Grant or Hugh Jackman?
7.   Favourite present ever received?
8.   Best present every given?
9.   Best physical feature?
10.  Which age did you enjoy the most?
11.  Favourite song of all time?

Thanks for joining in (if you can) and don't forget to link me in so I can read all your answers.

I've also joined in with Grace for FYOB Friday.


  1. I'm really enjoying finding out about everybody! :) That's really interesting!

    Love Kimba x

  2. I've received the Liebster award before so I won't participate. Must say I had to so a lot less than you lol. Love your answers and facts though :)

  3. Those certainly are some interesting facts. I can't even bend my thumb half way back!

    1. That's about the only thing that bends backwards these days!

  4. LOL! I can just see you doing the Frog Stroke, making sure you don't get any water up your nose :)
    Loved this. Feels like I know you a whole lot better (and more stuff to tease you with next time we catch up for drinks ;))

  5. Tehehe! That's a great list of things about you Becci, and I'm with you re: finding it hard to get up in the mornings. I've never been a morning person and expect I never will be!

    1. Who came up with the idea of starting work so early anyway?

  6. Thanks for the tag!! All done today so pop over and enjoy. by the way, a longer second toe is a sign of beauty and was very popular in the Renaissance period. Now you know!!

    1. Loved It! And thanks for the history, I always knew I should have lived back then. ;)


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