Thursday, March 22, 2012

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! How about you, you, you?


Trish from My Little Drummer Boys.

Congratulations and thankyou to all for entering.

[After a very heavy weekend, I'm going to extend the closing date for this comp to midnight tonight, 1st April.]

My family was lucky enough to trial a Friend of Taronga Zoo Family Pass recently and it allowed us to visit Taronga Zoo as many times as we liked before 30th April.  We have done our first visit and because we didn't have to stretch it out ALL DAY, we made a quick visit last thing on a Sunday afternoon just to visit the elephants and chimpanzees.  It was all we could fit in that weekend (feels like every 2 hours every weekend there's a soccer game we have to be at or training for a soccer game) and there was no pressure to look at absolutely everything in one day.

Now I did take some pictures but they didn't turn out too well (and I did attempt to put it in here but for some reason it keeps rotating to the right).

So next time we go I'll take a proper camera and not my phone and attempt to create perfection (well a picture of a chimp that looks like a chimp and not a blob in a tree).  And I will also do a review on what we thought (as I've been asked to do by Soup).

But much more exciting than my zoo fascination is .....
 I have a family day pass to giveaway!!!

Look, it's been burning a hole in my wallet waiting for me to actually get around to running this:

Sooooo, all you have to do to win this ticket is:

  1. Subscribe to Birdy Num Num by email or Google Connect.
  2. Have a look at my fledgling Facebook page and press "Like".
  3. Let me know you've completed 1 and 2 in your comment and tell me which animal best describes you and why.
Now there is small print but only a little.  

Firstly the competition is a quick one and runs out at midnight on Saturday 31st March 2012 (yes I know that's the night after the DPCON12 and around midnight I will probably be reliving my 30's with my bestie in some seedy bar in St Kilda, but I promise the next day I will read all the entries and pick a winner!).  

Secondly, you've only got the month of April to use it.  And if you happen to go when the Birdy Num Num family is visiting (school holidays anyone?) then we would love to meet up with you so our kids can get lost together (or is that just me - I always got lost at the zoo when I was little).

So good luck and remember, it ends Saturday 31st March!  See you at the zoo!

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  1. I would say I am like monkey, usually pretty cheeky and fun, always on the go but can throw a little tanty at times.

  2. Forgot to add I follow via GFC and I think I liked your page? I clicked through but it goes to a private page so clicked on the link to birdy num num on that private page and liked the linked page if that makes sense. And you can totally delete this comment. :)

    1. Sorry about that. I think I've got a handle on how the FB should have been set up so if you click on the FB link now it should go to the brand new page!

  3. I have to say the animal I want to be because someone else took the monkey - Giraffe because they only sleep 2o mins a day, they can run at 56km per hr ...neat get my 5kms over with in under 6mins . If I was skinny legged I wouldn't need to run.

  4. I am following you by email. I clicked through to facebook but it wasn't possible to "like" it as in a fan page. It was a private page so I sent a friend request which you can feel free to ignore if that wasn't the right thing to do! Hmmmm. Animal. Um, Lioness perhaps? Fiercly protective of her young but really, I wish I could just sleep all day long sometimes! Thanks for offering a great giveaway. :)

    1. Sorry, I've fixed that gadget and FB page up now so you should be right to click through to it. Thankyou!

    2. The new FB page looks great! Have just "liked" it.

  5. I've done steps 1 & 2. And I'm like a kangaroo: I'm deceptively strong, protective and nurturing with my children, and would really like to go at my own pace and relax in the sun.


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