Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm coming out of the blogging closet

I've now reached the stage where I can admit to most of the general public I blog, even that I'm part of the Mum (can't bring myself to say mummy) Blogging Community.

On Saturday I told a fellow soccer mum I was going to a blogging conference and she asked how she could start a website called "Women Against Rats" (she has recently separated from a cheating bastard) and how a single mum with three little boys can make money out of a blog.  I told her I'm yet to find that out.

Today, while face down on a table, I told my chiropractor he had to fix my bung leg so I can dance at a blogging conference on Friday night. He then asked what was a blogging conference, probably thought it was some sort of cult. I waited till he flipped me over before I explained that about 150 bloggers who happen to be parents get together to learn how to be better bloggers and to blow off some steam without kids and partners attached.  My leg is better but not sure it's ready for my red dancing heels yet.

I've admitted to my boss that I tap on my laptop and read a million blogs every night till midnight and he just rolls his eyes and probably hopes I'm not blogging about my job (well, not always).  He's lucky he's such a nice boss.

I haven't quite told my parents-in-law that I blog as they may not 'get it' and also I can't remember if I've mentioned them, good or bad, on here yet. Could be awkward.

One of my sisters knows and is a follower, but I don't think the other siblings have spied it yet.  I don't mind if they read it but I will be mindful of what I admit to on here (they may not know everything I got up to).

The thing is, the more people I know are aware of my blog, makes me limit what and how I write.  It's just like when Mr Moneymaker started reading my diary of life with the Chicken and the Nugget and my writing changed.

I guess I'm still shy about people reading what I write.  Kind of like when I was 13 and my brother read my journal entry out to everyone about a day out garage sale hunting with my family and I went balistic and pushed him into the philodendron (why did we have so many giant triffid-like indoor plants in the 70's?).

It might explain my first encounter with a blogger who was a real published author (hi Kerri Sackville!) and when I asked a question at her author reading I almost teared up when she knew who I was!  She's on my list of women I admire, along with Eden and Mia Freedman and Lisa Wilkins and too many more.

I've been to a couple of Working Mums Masterclass workshops now and met a few fellow bloggers (and even discovered one was a work colleague I have known for years!), even had one over for coffee and a chat (hi Gemma In A Nutshell!).

What I'm really, really excited about is meeting some blogging idols and seeing if they're just as daggy a dancer as me.  Bung leg and all.


  1. See you there!!! I too have long term injuries that were actually sustained on a dance floor. No dramas. Just means my sprinkler dance is a little more subdued. xxx thx for the wmm mention.m

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad it's not just me (regarding the admitting to family members that you blog). It's not like I reveal anything terrible on my blog, but some of it, especially the parenting posts, are very personal and I had no real plans to come out of the blogging closet. I was "outed" by Pinterest and my Mum now follows my blog. I can totally relate to what you have said here. I feel much more restricted now, and it does affect my writing style. Although I'm trying hard to overcome that. My husband thinks I'm crazy that I'm comfortable with strangers reading this stuff but not my family. Sigh.


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