Thursday, January 19, 2012

When my dog got photo bombed by The Hoff

Heard on Twitter that Celebrity Apprentice was filming a challenge at Sydney Park today and they were asking for everyone to bring their dogs along and help raise money.  So of course I had to take Sydney, he needed a bit of socialising with the hoipoloi(?). And it was for the Starlight Foundation.  Nugget got dragged along too when all he really wanted to do was go to the pool with his sister.

Thought I might meet some famous people but had no idea my favourite presenter was there - Ben Dark! It must be something about being a cheeky country boy that I love.  Before I got to meet him, David Hassellhoff was cruising the crowd for photo opportunities and strode straight up to us in the queue.
As the camera crew were filming he gave Sydney a pat while I was holding him (holding Sydney, not The Hoff) and a chat to Bailey.  Meanwhile I was juggling my phone to try and get a photo and just managed to turn it off instead of taking a picture. Had no idea why I was nervous in front of The Hoff, but he is a little scary looking up close.

We moved on up the queue and Ben Dark stopped to have a chat and that's when I really got nervous. He was sweating away in overalls on a 30 degree day and asked if he could entertain us by tap dancing. I told him that him just being there was entertainment enough! What a dork!!  Ben wisely started to chat to Nugget instead.  As he walked away my son asked "who was that?"!!!! I might have to disown him.  He was more wrapped in the hired magician and the guy dressed up as Batman.

So then Dickie from 'Can of Worms' has a chat to me (big time celebrity whore, aren't I?) and asked us who we wanted a photo with. I said Ben of course. Dickie announces loudly that someone actually wants a photo with Ben, not The Hoff and someone fetches Ben back over and he announces it to the film crew.  We go over to the photo area and he kicks The Hoff off his pedestal (no, it was a real little pedestal!) and tells him to go and have a break, it's our turn.  But as we they click away with a giant camera, film it and an assistant takes my phone to take some shots, The Hoff photo bombed us!!!  He can't help himself, he's wherever a camera is. There's no such thing as too much publicity with The Hoff (aside from drunken hamburger eating I'm guessing).  Here's the result...
It's a little fuzzy because I took a photo of the tiny photo they gave me and as in real life, The Hoff looks like he's been photoshopped, but it's real!

The photos below are the ones from my phone. First one before The Hoff arrived (you can see his leg and foot on the right) and the second one just after he left.

Oh, and Jason Arkamanis massaged my schnoodle .... this may or may not be shown on TV.


  1. I don't know if I would recover from someone massaging my shnoodle

  2. Well sounds like an exciting day for you - how many people can drop that many names in one post! Hehehe

  3. THE HOFF!!! <3 him, even though he's a bit dodgy :)


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