Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My little Chicken is unbelievably 13 years old!

Once again I’m "borrowing" from Naomifrom Seven Cherub's tradition of listing the things that I love about my baby on her birthday.  The Chicken is now a (cue dread music) TEENAGER!!!! Aaaaarrrrgh.

I’m writing this (after midnight) in between yelling at her and her three friends to stop squealing and giggling. I could go to bed but I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep with all the teenscream going on.  So what was that again? Oh yes, 13 things I love about my Chicken….. (I know you’re reading this Chicka, so you know I will try not to embarrass you … much).

1.      She’s quiet …. HA! Only joking, she talks non-stop which is actually something to love because she tells me how she feels, what’s been going on with school and friends and books and TV and music and Facebook and Youtube and who she saw at the shops and boys and what kind of shorts she wants and EVERYTHING!!!!  I hope she keeps it up throughout her teens and doesn’t turn into one of those sulking, grunting kids who wouldn’t tell you if she has a boyfriend or not.

2.      She’s absolutely beautiful, but doesn’t think so.  I know it’s not the most important thing in a daughter but it makes it easy to take photos.

3.      She has a wicked sense of humour. We thought she would inherit some of the family wit, but she has surpassed our level and floors us most of the time.

4.      Her empathy for others. She has suffered through the usual childhood bullying episodes and could have easily ended up bitter and withdrawn but instead has an amazing ability to see when others are suffering and tries to help them.

5.      Her amazing fashion sense.  It doesn’t matter what she throws together but it always looks like it’s from the Sunday paper style page.  I really wish she would show me how to do that as I usually can’t walk out the front door before asking her if I pass the test. You know, the “can I be seen out in public” test.

6.      Her voice.  I’m no expert (and I can’t sing a note) but she can sing beautifully and even learns all the words of whatever song she’s into. I love it when we’re in the car singing along with Adele, the Chicken gives her a run for her money while I croak along.

7.      Her Caramel Slice. Enough said.

8.      Her enthusiasm for new projects.  A lot like me, it starts, wanes, then stops in a pile of stuff.

9.      She can now go out shopping with me and we can actually have fun. As she get older its more like having a friend to do stuff with.

10.   She is a great partner when the Moneymaker and the Nugget gang up on me. Our house is perfectly balanced in the boy vs girl challenge.

11.   She’s not a follower.  If everyone likes Justin Beiber she feels compelled to not like him (and then tell me secretly she does).

12.   She puts up with and even expects my attempts to embarrass her because, as I’ve explained to her, that’s my job.

13.   Her love for her Mum and Dad even when we act like the biggest dags and dance in public whenever the mood takes us.

Happy 13th Birthday Chicken!  Love from your big dags! xxx

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  1. Awwwww what a lovely post. You Had me at caramel slice.


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