Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Night Before Uterus

I have officially started to panic, freak out, get anxious, touchy, snappy and emotional. I HATE THAT!

Tomorrow morning at around 8am I will be having my hysterectomy. I'll be in hospital till Saturday so I'll be in a no blog zone.

So this is a short post just to let you know that I'll be back, maybe in a few weeks. I've also got to post about my weekend with the whole clan, the first time we've been all together along with three cousins in a very long time. It was quite an enjoyable time even though we were putting our parents' ashes to rest. We farewelled them with a crazy drunken dancing party they would have been proud of.

Anyway will tell more with photos another time.

Let me know how you calm your nerves before something scary.


  1. There is only one way to deal with fear and anxiety I found.... walk boldly right through it. Take deep breaths when you get overwhelmed and think about the things you will do 'after'. Some things in life are inevitable and will happen whether we are fearful or not - so why waste energy? It's not about being brave - it is about being composed and methodical. Chatter to the staff till you doze off....then have a great snooze!!

    All the very best to you and see you on the other side!!!

    Big hug! M.

  2. Ok well I am too late to wish you luck, but I hope it went well and you're not in too much pain.
    Also hope the emotional side is not too hard to bear, and that you have help with it.

    Big hugs xxx

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