Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Blog on Tuesdays - well I am this week....

Another skeleton showed up from my ancestors, it's my Great Grandmother (on Mum's side) and I was really pleased that there is a photo of her.  This would have been late 1800's in New Zealand.  My family are saying she looks like me.
Spooky, eh?  Her name was Jane, which is my sister's middle name (and coincidentally, my MIL's first name!).

I've decided that I am going to collect some black and white copies of our family lineage and my husband's as well to frame in simple black frames on the wall to form a family tree. Have you done something similar?  Feel free to pass on any tips as I'm hopeless at framing but I have to do it on a budget.

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  1. I can only trace my family back to my grandparents. Although my mother has a photo of her and my father's grandparents who migrated out of Albania during the first world war. NO records anywhere for us, on both sides of the family.

    I have a G/F who can trace her family back to the 1700s. I am envious of you both. It must give you such a sense of belonging, continuity and presence in the world.

    For me, it is like we dropped of the sky. Maybe I'm an alien....(quiet in the peanut gallery!!)


  2. That's pretty impressive that there is a photo of her? Can you see any family likeness at all?

  3. Nice, unfortunately I have no photos of my ancestors, otherwise I would be happy to look at them and feel them closer!


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