Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Discovering my creative side

Well my recovery at home is almost at an end.  I go back to work next week and of course I didn't do all those online bloggy things I wanted to.  I did manage to give the Birdy Num Num a new banner - it's from a painting in our home that we bought on one of our annual visits to my sister near Byron Bay, one of my favourite places.  I imagine living near that lighthouse one day.

I also did manage to complete the invitation for The Moneymaker's 40th in January, even though not quite out in the mail yet.... and also not quite completed the Christmas online shopping. Lots of research done on pressies though!

What was a lovely distraction this morning was a visit from my new bloggy friend, Gemma from My Big Nutshell who bought me a copy of my favourite interior design porn, Real Living! How did she know? I slavered all over it this afternoon and will again tomorrow. Gemma was looking bright and stylish as usual in hot-old-lady trenchcoat (I so need to get into some op shops again) and designer gumboots.  Showed me up in my baggy hippy pants and wrinkled tshirt and cardi.  But her tiny little man took the show - he's soooo cute! Made me want to put my 9 year old Nugget in the wash and shrink him back to that size again. Miss it.

I've been having fun tonight making Picasa collages and then within that there's Picnik!

Attempting making my own Christmas cards but the hardest thing is what effect to go with????  I like the soft black and white effect but will want to shoot some bright colour in there, seeing it's Christmas and all.  Anyway, as usual I have started this way too late in the night and my brain has fried.

Must go now before I nod off on the keyboard. Let me know if you have any tips for card design.


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  2. Black and white is an astonish c choice for imagery I love photos in such mode because there is a hint of nostalgia and romance.

  3. ooooh I love the collage tool and picnik and I'm an ex-art director who's got the Adobe Suite - but faster and easier to use. The photo is gorgeous, nice work.
    Nicole x


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