Thursday, June 2, 2011

Use it before I lose it!

Had some reluctant inspiration today after seeing on Facebook that Tina Gray is enrolling in an Open University course. Ding! Why don't I do that? I've been talking about studying Psychology for years and keep coming up with lots of real and valid excuses not to: too expensive, too busy, kids need me, too hard, I'm too old/too lazy..... etc etc.
But I really want to have some sort of qualification and the sound of having a Bachelor in Behavioural Studies (Psychology) sounds devine. OK, that's a little soft, but I really really really need to make my brain work now (at 45 apparently I'm considered middle aged) before I get that disease of the brain, what's it called again? Oh! Alzheimers! See!!! It's started already.
And I do love learning about why people do the things they do. This started in my early 20's when I did (attempted) a TAFE certificate course in Human Resources. The Industrial Relations section bored the bejesus out of me, but the semester on Psychology!! My God, I loved it.
I discovered that just studying my family was an exam paper in itself and when I delved into the brain of my ex husband, well that could have been a whole thesis! But of course I didn't finish the course, just one year out of three and I could blame my ex for telling me to stop as it "took up too much of my time" [i.e. took me away from him, who knew what new people I might meet?].
Truthfully, if the whole three years was about psychology I would have stuck it out but it was cluttered with that other business stuff.
So I shouldn't let anything stop me now, who knows if I'll have any thought processes left after 50, two kids and a full time job? And my dreams of being a radio psychologist DJ? That just might come true one day.....
[Not me, not blonde, but you get the picture?
Does this working Mum have the time, besides all the hours I spend watching trash TV and reading hundreds of your blogs?
So tell me listeners, should I chase this dream?

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  1. Why not? I think it's a great idea. I'm hoping once my youngest starts full time school to pick up some part time study and hopefully do my Masters degree at long last. What have you got to lose by enrolling?


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