Friday, May 6, 2011

Masters in Proctrastination

Does anyone else have this problem – I set aside “special time alone” (usually at 10.30pm when everyone in the house is asleep) to write a post. But first I need to do a little research (blogs, Facebook, Twitter). Then I realise it’s almost midnight and I haven’t written one feck’n word!

I’ve become a slave to social media! It’s probably a healthy dose of procrastination (I do have a masters in that) but I’m so addicted to Twitter and Facebook that …… sorry, just did it again! Back now.

.... [sound of clock ticking, view of calendar pages flying off]

OK, where did that week go. I’ll either need to give up work or sleep or my family to give this blog a red hot poker go. I’m setting myself a deadline – write a post about mothers by 11pm tomorrow night or I will have to stop following all the lovely blogs piling into my inbox and tweeting at me. Maybe the first step is to find time to read “Planning With Kids” by Nicole Avery ( first. It did arrive over 2 weeks ago!

How do you fit in time just for you during the week, or is Mothers Day the only day we supposedly get off?

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