Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another year older

OK, turning another year older when you are in your forties is not that great, but better than the alternative I guess. Still have good health and some brain cells left but can't say any wiser.

Need to exercise the brain and the body this year, totally avoided both last year except for a weak attempt at joining a gym. Goals for this year to strengthen my body and expand my mind, creatively and academically.

Becoming more familiar with the new web world with a course at work on Web 2.0. Media is so different to say 25 years ago when I was starting out in the work world. What with all those social sites and skyping running rampant, it's amazing anyone goes to meet for a chat in cafes anymore, or are there only 'old' fogies doing that (meaning over 30). It's changing the way the world is running now, some of it good (expanding globally) and some bad (nobody speaking face to face - who are your neighbours?).

Even this practice that I've embraced by blogging my thoughts - it goes out into the stratosphere to god knows who, if anyone? At least when I've jotted thoughts down in a journal I know it won't be read by strangers (unless I lose it on a bus).

I feel we must still encourage the young to gather physically together to socialise, we don't want to lose our ability to learn from this experience - send the kids outside in the street with the neighbour's kids. It's not dangerous, well not anymore dangerous than them sitting in a room talking to some stranger online. Face to face interaction builds vital abilities in dealing with others, tolerance, empathy, understanding and reading people by their acts and expressions.

Let's not lose the human in us.

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