Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have another go

I have started this blog to practice putting into words what is in my head most days/nights and really shouldn't leave it there to clutter up the place.

Also would like to see if I can be creative anymore, haven't written anything in a few years after my Dad died. Used to write short stories or at least in my diary ever since I was a teenager (and that's going back a few centuries!). Don't know why, just hadn't felt like I could or I wanted to, but this is proving to be really easy and natural now - in fact that paragraph just fell out then with no effort or angst.

So this won't be one of those heavy and arty farty type blogs nor will it be about an obsession or a hobby I'm interested in, unless you can call ramblings a hobby. Let's just see what comes up, eh?

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