Friday, January 23, 2015

Getting back into the swing - plus Hawaii! #FYBF

Yes, I know, I've been slack again. Last post published was 9th December.  I just haven't had the urge to publish lately.  I've written a few draft posts and even got started on my book, but between Christmas up the coast, a holiday in Hawaii (I know!!!) and general lethargy realising all the things I COULD write about, I ended up posting zilch.

I've just checked through drafts of posts I've started and there is one that's so negative and down on myself about writing, that I don't think it will do anyone any good (particularly me) if I publish it.

I could start posting my first few pages of the book I'm writing that's loosely based on my mum's life that I started writing after the self attack above, but not sure anyone would want to start reading a story that may never be finished!  But then again you lot might kick me up the arse to keep on with it. That's a bit scary. I'll think about it after I've added a few more pages.

So to get me easily back into the swing of things, I'll post some pictures from our surprise Hawaiian haitus because who doesn't love to see someone else having a great holiday(?) Yeah, looking for the sarcasm font there....


The sun rises on our arrival at Outrigger Reef on the Beach, Waikiki.

An ethereal tour of the Arizona and its memorial to those that lost their lives at Pearl Harbour.

A massive Missouri - still functioning, just waiting for a chance to use those guns!

Some of the beautiful dancers at the Chief's Luau at Sea Life Park, great show.

A view from the top of Diamond Head - a heart testing climb to the top.

You can see almost all of Oahu from up here.

One of many just perfect sunsets at Waikiki.

Surf god Duke Kahanamoku

More on that trip another day.

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  1. OH GO AWAY, that looks fabulous. Wish I was there right now as predicting more rain for the Gold Coast until school starts! Ugh

    1. I imagine you would feel like you're on holiday every day living in the Gold Coast!

  2. I can't wait to one day go to Hawaii. Those pictures look fabulous! And don't stress about the writing front. January is a good month to enjoy the holidays and get a slow start to the new year. :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures. So glad to hear you had a good time away. I love Hawaii, Dave and I went in 2010 and I really hope we get back there one day.

  4. Came via #FYBF. I'm taking I have a Hawaii trip planned for the end of the year. It looks great!


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