Friday, September 19, 2014

Stuff happens - nose picking, yoga phone, Bachelor Eye Language - it's time for #FYBF!

Stuff happens during the week that I really want to tell someone about, but by the time I get home or catch up with a friend, I've completely forgotten about it or too much time has passed for it to be relevant and then if I blurt it out randomly in some conversation with friends weeks later, I look like crazy-lady.

For example last week I was in the usual line of traffic trying to merge onto Epping Road after work when I looked across to the next line where a not unattractive young guy was busy discovering UFO's up his right nostril. I thought, hang on, this is disgusting but I wonder what he'll do with it when he finds one? Well he had made a thorough inspection of it on the end of his finger then, before the choice of where to get rid of it (steering wheel? door handle? seat? mouth?!?!), he looked across at me smirking and then guffawing out loud at him.  The lights went green and both lanes moved on except he kept a constant car length back from mine.  I guess he was more than a little embarrassed as I was virtually laughing in his face.  I also made a vow to myself to NEVER be tempted to have a bit of a pick in the car. People are watching!

Then there was that time at band camp yoga where it was all zen and the hypnotising voice of Phil the yoga guru was getting us all stretchy and twisty when I look at the young Chinese girl in front of me who was half heartedly bending and reaching then twisting, all the while scrolling through her Tumblr on the iphone next to her. I let it get to me and instead of being all relaxed and peaceful, I was annoyed and holding back my old lady tsking while in resting baby pose. Why can't they get their hand off it for a minute?!?

show off! (from here)

And I can't start talking about The Bachelor because the best bits were so well covered in this hee-larry-os review by Rosie Waterland at Mamamia - so read about Dirty Street Pie Laurina and the Eye-Touching Trauma here.  Rosie really should be getting a commission from that show.

There's also the fact I've signed up at work for Steptember which is fundraising for Cerebral Palsy Alliance by doing at least ten thousand steps a day.  I'm mostly getting them done by doing a lot of document deliveries from one end of the shopping centre to the other, circuits of the Bay Run and the yoga classes - yes they can be converted to steps!  Its the asking of donations I'm not great at.  So if you want to help me out there and help those living with Cerebral Palsy, please go here.

Well, I'm glad that's all out of my system. I hope some more stuff happens next week that I can share with you.

*Joining With Some Grace for #FYBF*


  1. Good on you for doing Steptember. I've been slipping off my 10000 steps a day but I'd made up for it others.
    Eww on the picker.

  2. Haha! That picker! That's hilarious! But you know, tomorrow someone's going to catch you doing something embarrassing :) Good work on doing Steptember! You'll do those 10,000 steps no worries x


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