Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Think. Plan. Do.

(This is what I looked at for an hour tonight)

There's not many opportunities for me lately that let me just sit and think about stuff, but the traffic has been so bad getting to and from work lately (what is it about rain that always puts a stop to everything? Its just water for goodness sake!), I've had plenty of time to tune out of bad drive time radio and just THINK.

Besides a really interesting session on Triple J the other night about the furore over the blog showing women explaining why they don't need feminism (so frustrating hearing twenty something women saying they are against feminism because they make their own choices in life and are enjoying equal rights - not realising if it wasn't for the generations before they wouldn't have this freedom! grrrr!), I tend to wander around in my head (in between singing Its All About The Bass 'Bout The Bass, No Treble).

(This was built for revenge - to block the view of the tree killers on the bay)

Some of those thoughts are what job would I really want to do, or how could I make a living from home, or why do I keep saying what I would like to do and don't actually do anything about it!?!?! PLAN!

So when I saw that this subject keeps popping up in front of me, I realised I can't say "I wanna" or "I'm gunna".  So I've applied for this free session (you may have seen my blatant plugging of Suzi's 3 Month Coaching Program here) and if you would like to get your own 45 minutes of free coaching, click here.
(Some graffiti is just great art)

*Joining Essentially Jess for #IBOT*

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