Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Going slow really fast

Its been two weeks since I've posted anything on here and feel I've gone back to "Slow Blogging".  Except for the fact I'm unemployed, I've been flat out (I won't say 'busy', apparently its not the word to use at the moment). Mostly applying for jobs, the odd temporary admin assignment and doing Mr Moneymaker's data entry.

Also I spent a glorious four days away at the Broadbeach Blues Music Festival with my sisters and cousin.  A veritable buffet of excellent live music, mosh pit dancing, wine, cheese, park dancing, champagne, seafood, beach strolling, margaritas, balcony dancing and a stint of slide guitar by yours truly on stage with a semi famous band.  Yes, four very mature women can still act like teenagers when enough good music and liquor is involved (I may post about it all another time).

But enough about me, how are you?

Then again ... in other news, I recently had my eyes checked and even though I've been wearing contact lenses for about a billionty years, I now also need reading glasses to wear OVER my contact lenses!  Aging sucks.  I guess its better than the alternative, aging I mean.  It will just mean its another thing I'll be searching through the house for because I was sure I left it right here!  Anyway, a couple of hours after my eye test, The Project presented a story on eyes aging and advertised this web site (coincidence much?).

So yeah, that's about me again but hey, its my blog eh?

While on me, this is stuff I've been doing lately:

  • Listening to:  Every possible performer at the Broadbeach Blues Music Festival (did not appear in this clip but there is a secret video held of me on stage with Mason Rack...).
  • Watching: Fargo (though I'm two episodes behind so don't anyone tell me what's going on yet!). This is the best TV show I've seen since Breaking Bad - you must check out SBS on Thursday night.
  • Watching: The Voice - I've become strangely addicted this season, probably because of lack of Delta.
  • Reading: Bird by Bird - Some Instructions on Writing and Life, Anne Lamont - a 'real' book about writing where the author 'speaks my speak'; and My Booky Wook, a Memoir of Sex, Drugs and Stand Up by Russell Brand - he's a very naughty but incredibly funny boy.
  • Reading: Renegade Collective magazine (time has got away, haven't had time to read the two issues I have on my coffee table but I really need to) - must have only subscription for inspiration.
  • Seeing: recent movies - The Chef - it made me want to go out and buy a taco truck and cook around the country; The Grand Budapest Hotel - a fun and silly movie by Wes Anderson.
  • Surfing: Seek.com.au; LinkedIn.com; EthicalJobs.com.au; Teachers.on.net and any other job sites where I can find that perfect job (if such a thing exists).
  • Working on: Cigno.com.au database (one thing I've discovered, there are A LOT of soccer club websites in Australia, thousands, in fact, and not all have contact details - so frustrating!).
  • Planning: a secret business idea that needs input from you, the reader - more to come later.
So once again, I've been doing nothing and everything, just trying to find my 'thang'.  What's yours?


  1. Good luck on the job front - that is the hard work... And I too am watching Fargo, but not loving it as much as I thought I would, despite liking everyone in it...

  2. I find myself home all of the time now, pretty much, but no time for blogging. But that has alot to do with having 5 kids, one being a newborn I suppose! Good luck with your applications. I enjoyed the blind auditions of The Voice but have stopped watching it now. #teamIBOT

  3. I've been into the Voice lately too! It is better with Kylie that's for sure.
    Very excited to hear about this secret business...


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