Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life Balance and Imbalance

Everyone is talking about life balance.  That means you don't work too much or lay around too much. I've been thinking too much while laying around since Saturday because vertigo has struck me down like a giddy aunt.  If you're not familiar with it, it makes you very dizzy (even when simply turning your head) and nauseous.  Ironically, I've lost my balance.  Apparently there is no cause and besides taking Stemetil, no treatment but it passes after about five days. Thank goodness its been raining, the umbrella was a great walking stick disguised to help me get to the doctors.

But it gave me something to think about.  I don't like being sick and get frustrated when I can't do something. I've also been contemplating my working future at the moment - I'm temping (which is not great when you're sick - no pay!) while on the look out for the job that has that balance of something that interests me, using what skills I have, in an organisation I can believe in and with people I can click with. The ideal job would be an administrator, blog writer and reviewer for an organisation that promotes an environmentally sustainable lifestyle - and I actually applied for a position just like this!

I've made some misguided choices in the last seven months and feeling a little unsure of where I should head next. Just hoping my next choice is not a disaster or I'm going to start to think I've lost it.

They say you should spend a third of your life working, a third sleeping and a third doing leisurely pursuits (why do I just think of safari suits when I say that?).  Most of us may not have that balance quite right.

Total Hours in a week = 168

Hours working  (including going to and from work) = 40 + 9 hours of housework = 49
Hours sleeping = 56

So that means 63 hours left in the week which consists of driving kids to sports, to the shops and friends places, a couple of hours of exercise (should be more!), cooking, eating, reading, writing, watching TV (way too much), seeing movies and some socialising on the weekends. Oh and looking at what other people are doing on the internet.

This calculation shows my balance is out a bit but generally, not too bad.  Always feel I could do with a bit more sleep though. And to stop spinning out.


  1. I'm with you on the sleep thing - I think if I had balance in my life it would be totally boring! Em - also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  2. I would love more sleep!
    I find the balance changes week to week for me, but then I'm not in paid employment. Some weeks just feel busier doing things for everyone else!


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