Friday, October 11, 2013

Retrain My Brain ... Please!!!

What goes on in our heads? In our brains, to be specific (this word was repeated about twenty times this afternoon because for some reason my children can't get their tongue around the 'sp' bit).

I love trying to work out what is happening in my and others' noggins.  I thought I used to be pretty smart (I still boast about going to Opportunity Class for years 5 and 6 after scoring well in an IQ test, but for all the good it did, I really should shut up about it).

So last night's program, Redesign My Brain on ABC, got me in.  I've been a fan of Todd Sampson for awhile so him being the host didn't hurt. The subject included brain plasticity which has interested me since my time working with students chosen to take part in a new program to help those with learning difficulties by retraining their brains.

Todd Sampson went through a few tests after firstly getting his mind photographed. The quizzes he did are also available to do through ABC iView website and of course I had to have a go.  This wasn't a good idea for my intellectual ego. I won't admit what I scored but I will defend myself by saying I attempted them late at night and I was very tired with a work-induced headache after squinting at a computer all day. To make things worse, I tried to do the quick fingered quiz on my very small MacBook Air keyboard with only one hand. Useless, but I'm full of excuses.

So if you are about to attempt the tests, I recommend you do it when you're bright and alert, early on in the day and on a larger keyboard.

At this website, you can take the same tests Todd and I did and I've kept a record by starting an account.  I will be going back to see if I improve at all. My personal interest in this is increasing as I get older and I start to find my memory fails me on more and more occasions.  I also fear becoming a victim of alzheimer's disease so I have bought my Gingko biloba and will be taking more quizzes to attempt to retrain my brain.

According to the program last night, once you learn the tricks and exercises (including learning to juggle and card memorisation), your mind can become open and more alert which in turn can give you a new and improved take on life.

And who couldn't do with that?

**Joining with Grace for FYBF**


  1. I've heard lots of people talking about this program and how interesting it was. I'm quite scared at how useless my brain has become since I was in my teens and 20s! I blame children.

  2. I could do with this, as could my lovely mumma!! The brain is so amazing, it does not get enough credit for all it does! Em

  3. Loved the first two in this series, so much info to take away and ponder on. Thanks for this great post, Becci!


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