Friday, May 3, 2013

A Healthy Idea - 1st Available

You know when you meet some people and realise you have done nothing with your life? All those great ideas you had and did not follow through then find out someone else had the same idea and actually developed it so it became a money spinner?  That.  Like when my best friend and I wanted to work for ourselves about ten years ago and thought of starting a business offering personal service to busy people - no not that type of service, we were thinking more paying bills and picking up dry cleaning for them, you naughty people!  Of course before we could get off our arses and do it, someone else had it up and running in our area already. Timing, eh?

I've been full of ideas lately (there must be some neurons growing back in my brain).  Some business ideas that have been stewing for awhile and others that keep popping up which may or may not be a little bit useless.

Now when I come across someone else's good idea, I instantly think "now why didn't I think of that?".  But I guess we can't expect to have all the innovative thoughts to ourselves or we'd be the next Steve Jobs.

 Now this sounds like a great idea!

This idea I'm about to tell you is something I was introduced to at DPCON13.  Quite a few of us showed interest in this company,, and hopefully that means that their great idea will grow into a flourishing network that will benefit all of us. Its free to register (and it will always be free to patients) and offers a more convenient method of making medical appointments, either online or through a mobile app.  And the more people that register, the more popular it will prove to be to medical practitioners, therefore more of them will register (and you will be informed the moment a healthcare provider in your area joins 1st Available).  See?  YOU will be the one dictating where and what service YOU want then YOU get to choose when YOU want to see the doctor or the dentist or the specialist, not juggle your whole life to fit in their schedule.

AND ... if you register here, you could win 12 months private health insurance with whoever you wish!!!

So no cost to you, a chance at free health insurance for a year and an opportunity to be part of a new service that will put the hassle out of medical appointments and access to more healthcare choices. Not bad, eh?

Just so you are aware, firstly, I don't write about products/brands very often and only if I'm really impressed with them.  Secondly, I was so into this after having months of not being able to get into the specialist at a time that didn't interfere with work and my family commitments.  Thirdly, though this isn't a sponsored post, for every reader that registers with 1st Available I do get a chance to win some lovely prizes. So the more the merrier!

So have a go!  Register with here and you can have a really good chance to win free health insurance for 12 months. Keep up to date with what are up to by 'Liking' their Facebook page here.  While you're at it, if you haven't already, spread the 'Like's around and go here - you'll be able to find out about a giveaway coming up at Birdy Num Num soon!

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  1. Great post, Becci. There are so many ideas there that I've parked and so need to get my teeth into.
    1st Available are great, really love what they stand for.

    1. Great one love, thanks for sharing the love xxDani


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