Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All Shook Up

At our last visit at our family namesake's street

This Thursday I will be flying off to Christchurch with my three sisters to take Mum's remaining ashes back to her birthplace.  In fact we were all born there but Mum was brought up on a dairy farm which is now the local golf course.  There are some massive pine trees at the outskirts of the grounds which, if we are discrete enough, is where we may be 'planting' her (I really hope no NZ golfing officials are reading this and decide to do a stakeout this weekend!).

Jess with her Grandad and Nanna

Now most people that know me well are aware of my (probably) unrealistic fear of flying.  Yes, yes, I know there's more chance of me dying in a car crash than falling out of the sky (and don't think I'm not a little jumpy in a passenger seat on a freeway!).  On top of unexpected turbulence (and expected by me of course), there is a real fear of disaster that is just a bit more real in Christchurch.


I avoided the airing of that documentary about the Christchurch earthquake 2 years ago accidentally on purpose.  I didn't need the reminder in graphic detail shown on hand held cameras. I did however catch the end of the program afterwards showing the volunteers clearing rubble for the five days after the disaster.  Sobering stuff.

I know its probably going to be an unsettling experience (particularly when I see the site where the TV station's building collapsed, killing many including the brother of a friend of mine), but I'm kind of looking forward to being there.

Just not looking forward to being in the air for three hours to get there.

And though we are doing something supposedly seriously sentimental (love a bit of alliteration), I'm looking forward to the four of us traipsing around our birthplace and having Mum come along for the ride.
Three sisters at lunch in Akaroa on last visit

Any Kiwi's out there need me to bring back some chocolate fish?

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  1. Best wishes for your trip. You have a very positive spirit that shows in your writing.

  2. I hope it's a wonderful trip with feet firmly planted on the ground. xxx

  3. Oh wow that will be a bittersweet trip I would imagine. Hope you can occupy your mind for the flight and actually enjoy it xxx

  4. What a beautiful idea to take your Mum back home to rest. Take a golf club with you, might help you blend in.

    I hope the flight isn't too distressing. My Hubby gets anxious on long flights also, and it is no fun to watch, I can't imagine how he actually feels.



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