Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Christmas Wish List

I've been tagged! Not in the ugly graffiti on the railway station wall kind of tagged, but blog-tagged in the My Christmas Wish List kind of way by Rachel of The Kids Are All Right fame.

This means I get to ask Santa for my heart's desire. So pretending that reality has been suspended for a moment and its a given that there is already world peace and people have stopped hurting each other, this is what I wish for:

  • Me and my family to live forever.  And I mean All my family.  It sucks watching people grow old or get sick and then everybody dies.  There's too many stories that haven't yet been told!
  • A spell that that turns back time in my face and body and so when I get up on Christmas morning  I suddenly spring up out of bed without any protest from my knees and back.  My eyes are fully open and focussed without scrabbling blindly around for glasses and when I look in the mirror there aren't ten more creases or five more age spots on my face.  I look 20 again.  Now that would be a mighty fine present.
  • Enough spare time to work, exercise, write, cook, read, shop, play and sleep! Without sacrificing anything.
  • To eat anything I damn well please without thinking how it will either make me fat or give me heartburn or stomach cramps or high cholesterol and heart disease.
  • A hot, red Vespa.  Now that is actually possible except for the fact my husband thinks I will probably kill myself within the first year of dodging crazy four wheel driving maniacs. (And before you jump on top of me, I've been one of those crazy four wheel driving maniacs.)
Just like this

That's all I can think of for now but later tonight I'm sure I will think of at least another dozen surreal wishes.

Now to hand it on ...

Let me know what your ultimate Christmas Wish List is. 

[Joining up with the last Essentially Jess for IBOT for 2012.]


  1. Nice! I'd like to wake up looking like I was still 20 too, and with that same figure. *sigh*

  2. I love all your wishes. But because you are in touch with reality, you know the vespa is the only one you can really have. So you SHOULD have it. No one will miss you when it's that bright! I mean no one will HIT you - hopefully they'll all miss you.

  3. What a great lists! I think a vespa would be awesome. When I was really young, (13/14yo), I would take my mothers little bike to the shops or friend's house. I can't believe she would let me but I lived to tell the story. I'm sure you will too. Rachel xx

  4. that's a great list! i love the live forever one. i didn't even think of that, but totally want it, too!

  5. Ah a Vespa! I could nick off on the kids! Thanks for the tag. Working on it now. xx

  6. Oh I likes your wish list!!

    Merry Christmas Becci xxx


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