Friday, October 19, 2012

Keeping my can of worms closed - FYOB Friday

Last night I did something I've never done before.  I went to watch a taping of a TV show.  My main motivation was seeing Chrissie Swan in all her glory, hosting Can of Worms.

My guest was my favourite little sister in law, Moo and Chrissie's guests were Julie Goodwin, Matt Okine and John Safran.  I've been a fan of John Safran's documentaries for years and Julie Goodwin seemed to be a good egg.  I'd only seen Matt Okine on a comedy show once before so did not recognise his name, but kinda knew his face when he came out.

I knew that taped shows had a bit of warming up beforehand and fixing up after so was kind of looking forward to that.  I've always had a bit of interest in the way TV works behind the scenes and I ended up watching the woman who was directing everything (maybe the director?) and wondering if I could do that.  Bit late to be thinking of a total career change, but we can dream, eh?

She was everywhere at once and controlling everything, all with a casual air and a bit of fun.  Reminded me of when I was doing event management roles and being in the thick of organising a conference.  Was a real buzz when it all came together and people ended up enjoying themselves.

Another bit of very important glue who was pulling it all together was Dan Ilic who had us cacking ourselves before the show started and all through the breaks.

Now I can't let you know too much about the content of that show as they made us promise not to tell, but if you're watching it on Monday night (and I recommend you do), look out for the red cardigan behind the blonde audience member who talked about being brought up by fundamentalist Christians. That was me!  Not the blonde, the red cardi woman, frozen as I've realised I may be popping up in people's lounge rooms next week. Suddenly I'm stressing out about my spare tyre and many chins. And the impressive cleavage beside me? That was Moo. Her boobs are legendary.

After the show we were waiting in the foyer of the ABC building (yes, even though it's on Channel Ten, it's filmed in the ABC because they have the right size studio) for my chauffeur (i.e. husband) to come pick us up and we happened to see Chrissie coming out.  Of course I had to stop and ask for a photo which she graciously did even though it may have made her miss her plane. She didn't miss her plane (thanks for letting me know @ChrissieSwan. We also got to meet the beautiful Julie Goodwin, who was lovely and interesting on the show too.

Moo and Julie (they could be sisters!)      A couple of Swans (not related unfortunately)

But once again, when actually meeting someone I admire from afar, I lost all my brains and blurted out "Hi, I'm Becci Swan" as if that would impress her and stuck my hand out. I then had nothing further to contribute except a goofy smile.  Doh!

So will someone please tell me how to meet someone famous, in a way that will either impress or at least so they don't think I'm some random, crazy stalker!  And it seems I only do this with people who write stuff I really, really like (hello Nikki Gemmell, Kerri Sackville, Eden Riley, Mrs Woog, etc).

Joining up with Grace for FYBF!


  1. So funny, I would be very awkward and probably say something totally irrelevant or ridiculous.

  2. Stopping by from FYBF! That's awesome you got to be at the taping of a TV show!!
    I'm your newest follower and would love for you to visit me back and enter my October Group Giveaway at

  3. Compliment...the famous like to be admired. But more so, just a smile and nod indicates that you recognize them is probably all they need. What have us mere suburban mortals got to offer? Unless it's George Clooney...then our bodies!

  4. Popping over for the first time from FYBF.

    I reckon as long as you smile, they'll find your awkwardness endearing :)

  5. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and Chrissie looks so happy to be in your photo I wouldn't worry about it!!

  6. I think the smile is just what they would want.

  7. By the way, photo of you and Chrissie is lovely.

  8. Oh very, very cool! Will definitely be looking out for you on Monday night!
    P.S Can I have your autograph ??? :) x

  9. I have no advice on approaching a famous person. If I do happen to spot a celebrity (there are plenty of C listers and under in my part of Sydney)I pretend to be too cool to notice them.

  10. You could do what I did and roll your eyes at Alan Brough in the supermarket when other people come up to him and ask him all sorts of 'tricky' music trivia (which he of course immediately answers correctly). The eye roll of course conveyed that poor celebs have to put up with so much and I am of course much better than that and he should of course converse with me instead. of course.


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