Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting a little distracted - and a Giveaway!

I haven't been here for a little while.  But it's funny what motivates you to write and what distracts you from it.  Well everything distracts me really.

After we got back from Fiji, after I got over a cold then spent two days with a fever where I thought I was going to die (dramatic much?), I've now realised I better throw myself back into the blogging thing if I want to keep calling myself a blogger.

In fact the next two Saturdays will be spent with real bloggers (in real time and space!).  Tomorrow a day relaxing and being made up suitable for a photoshoot (good luck guys, I've got that sickly palor still) magically organised by Brenda at Digital Parents then next Saturday is the spectacular Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012.  Really looking forward to that and have even found another Kiwi blogger to meet, check her out at Kimba Likes.

So I will attempt to pay some close attention to Birdy Num Num over the next week and stop treating her like the fifth child (can't half tell I'm one).  I'll even pop in a giveaway right now!

Yes, I've had a little prize put away thanks to Bisolvon.  It's a cute red distraction in a teapot, cup and yummy strawberry tea.  I would like to send it to the one who has the best cure to being distracted from what you really want to do.

To enter, just put your cure in the comments and subscribe to my blog.  And if you feel you would like to follow me on Twitter and Facebook (having trouble putting a FB Like button on so hopefully you can do that here), I will be most grateful and follow you right back.  I'll choose the winner on Sunday the 8th July, so get in quick!

Now I'll leave you with a video of my son doing the shuffle in Fiji (to tremendous applause). Feel free to fast forward, he gets better towards the end:


  1. I wish I had a cure to stop me getting distracted! Eagerly anticipating magic responses.

    I do, however, have a kind of cure to solving the "life is getting in the way of blogging" issue.

    Firstly, get really, really sick. Take weeks to recover. Then get sick again. Then get bronchitis and have daily asthma attacks.

    Next up, throw a paddy, cancel all commitments, graciously allow your husband to go the pub on Friday night, generously offer your husband both weekend sleep ins and retire to the sofa for three days to lovebomb your illness into submission.

    The end result is not only hopefully an end to the plague that's been besieging my health since the end of April, but also hours of uninterrupted access to the laptop. That's a week's worth of posts, blog upgrades and some R&R to boot!

    Thanks for the shout out, and I'm loving your boy's mooooves. The boy's got skillz!

  2. My best cure for being distracted is a reward of some sort. You know: I must do this, this & this & then I can have or do that. It works a treat for me. Literally!!

    Email Subscriber:


  3. My cure for not getting distracted is to break a big task into smaller tasks so you concentrate more :) Oh and I live by a To-do list. Hope that helps Becci.

    P.s I agree with Kim-Marie your boy has some great dance moves!

  4. I didn't know you were a kiwi! Can I call you bicce from now on? See you next week at blogopolis!

    As for my distraction cure. 2yo and 4yo distantly distract me thx to their WWF wrestling careers. So I am planning to soundproof my office!

  5. My best cure - turn off the social media! Even though I write a blog and use social media for my business - a lot of the time it can be a time suck from what I really need to be focussing on. One tab with one browser at a time is my aim!

  6. I always make a list of what I need to do for the day and try really hard not to jump on the computer until the list is finished :-)

    twitter @KazEdwards23

  7. I have an organiser, calendar and post-its everywhere (if you stepped into my house you'd swear I had alzheimers or similar) but it keeps me focused and the fact I'm incredibly stubborn definately helps!

  8. I already follow you via email, facebook and twitter :)

  9. Cure for distraction? God, you're talking to the woman who's got a short term span for attention on anything!
    Earphones, headphones and a good blasting of some Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson keeps me focused on task at hand.
    But hey, I'm old school :)
    Follow you on Twitter, email and I tried to "Like" your page but ended up sending a Friend Request (?) Not sure how that happened...

  10. Phone in another room, book in another room, iPad, kindle, and baby in another room. And dog. Drink a big glass of wate

  11. hey! -water, go to the bathroom, then sit at the computer. Done.

  12. Distractions what are they?...... whats that over there? ooooo it's shiny!

    A good coffee & a timer to keep me focused on important tasks are essential.

    my email is sara (at) tisthelife (dot) com

  13. My best cure for a distraction is lists! Cross stuff off as you go along and reward yourself when you are 75% there! Hope that you get your groove back soon :)

  14. My cure for any issue, a WHOLE at home day in comfy luxe Pj's.

    Solves any problem straight away!



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