Monday, May 28, 2012

Elastoplast Winner plus Where I've Been and Where I'm Going Tomorrow!

Congratulations LisaW from Life As We Know It!

Well done on being as much of a klutz as me, and in public (how did you manage to kick yourself in your own thigh?).  Make sure you keep that photo your very caring friend took of you as you lay unconscious.

You're the winner of the $150 Bunnings Voucher including an Elastoplast package. Hope you don't need to use it after your next trip to Spotlight!

Please send me your address and I will contact Soup immediately so they can send you your prize.  Thanks to everyone that entered and has kindly pressed the Follow button on Twitter and Facebook.  Keep watching as there might be another giveaway soon!

I've been using the Heavy Fabric Waterproof Strips at school and finding them a great waterproof cover for several scraped knees and cut fingers and the students don't keep coming back to replace them when they fall off.  I even had a visit from our First Aid supplier and pitched them at him.  Told him that the ones they supply were useless and never stuck and they should be using Elastoplast from now on.  I think my sales talents may be picking up (except for the fact he dropped his invoice and ran).

Also had really positive feedback from the soccer mums I had given rating cards out to:

Challenge 1:
Get it wet (do the beads of water really run off?).  Rated a score of 4 out of 5.
Challenge 2:
Wear it for a day (just how strong is the ‘sure stick’ adhesive?). Rated averaged a score of 4 out of 5.

So if you haven't given them a try yet, go ahead. I'm a convert (and it helps my kids are past wanting little cute cartoons on their skinned knees).


In other news, I returned yesterday from a wonderful weekend away with my sisters and cousin at the Broadbeach Blues Festival.  Even though the rushing around and preparation for that and tomorrow's trip to Fiji was a major stress maker, I was able to unwind in a big way.  We stayed at Mantra Phoenician where we had probably one of the best positioned apartments for the Festival. It overlooked the main street and a great view of the North Stage where most of the acts played and could also hear the South Stage which had alternating bands.  In fact most of our time was spent on the balcony downing champagne and nibblies.
The view from our balcony
(the giant artwork was on the billboard opposite which my sister attempted to copy)

Of course the four of us acted like a gang of girls at schoolies (in the nicest possible way of course!) with lots of dancing and laughing (sorry, best not to post those pictures up!).  We may all be around that half century mark (well, I'm not quite yet) but when we get together we act like teenagers (with 2am shopping trolley ride included of course).  I recommend that every Mum should treat themselves to a girls' weekend at least once a year, just so they can forget their responsibilities for a little while.

Great music + yummy food + bubbles + weather = Perfection
Tomorrow we depart for my sister-in-law's wedding in Fiji at The Outrigger.  I've got the passports (whew! by the skin of my teeth!), the house sitter's prepared, the house is clean, the schools have been notified and the cab has been booked to the airport.  My parents-in-law are travelling with us and it's their first trip overseas so that should be interesting.......?  I've packed the bags with every conceivable type of clothing I can think of and then culled it (a little), as has our daughter.  The Moneymaker cannot understand that a woman needs options. 

I've got two dress choices for the wedding as SIL has requested dress/tie/heels for the wedding and casual (including compulsory thongs!) for the reception.  I remember when we got married in Fiji we wore no shoes and the groom and best man wore sulu's (the male Fijian militiary 'skirt') but no underwear.  This was only noticed when the best man fell backwards into the canoe after the ceremony giving a full view to those dining in the restaurant at the end of the pier.  Oh, and the required flashing at the Karoake that night.  The Warwick Resort may have just forgotten us by now.

So I may not post until next week as I will be busy getting a tan (ah, just heard the rain starting outside, heehee! just rubbing it in).

Enjoy your week! 


  1. congratulations to Lisa.
    I hope you have a fantastic time away.

  2. ohhhh what fun...I'd love a girls weekend away!!!!!! Lots of shopping would be awesome!

    1. Do it! Specially lovely when you've been through something like building a house (hint hint). And though I didn't buy too much it was lovely little things I can wear and remember the weekend.

  3. I am so jealous of your travels to Broadbeach and Fiji! We had a holiday in Fiji last year and did a day trip to The Warrick. It was soooo lovely.

    And yes, I totally agree. A girls weekend every year sounds just what the doctor ordered!

    1. Well, if you're going to Blogopolis, you know where to find me!


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