Monday, April 30, 2012

Some success of sorts

What ever way you look at it, my progress on my to-do list on this post was not exactly stunning.

For example, the first thing was to sort out my wardrobe. Well I managed to empty it on to my bed, sort the trousers from the skirts, the jackets from the cardigans, the tops from the dresses and put them in neat piles.  I then had to go and pick someone up or drop someone off (can't quite remember now, hopefully dropped and picked the right kids!).  Then there was dinner to do which is always followed by cleaning up and checking out the day's emails, tweets and blogs.

By 10.30pm I went downstairs to jump in bed and it was only then I remembered my abandoned project.  I considered just slipping in the other side of the bed (Mr Moneymaker was away that week) but knew I wouldn't be able to sleep feeling that annoying pile next to me (the clothes, not the husband).  So I stuck in and proceeded to rehang 98% of the clothes back in the wardrobe. I succeeded in throwing out a HUGE number of clothes (OK, only four items but that was painful enough - you never know when you'll use a furry, cow print mini skirt).  I was able to co-ordinate shirts and jackets on the hangers and ended up with 26 leftover wire hangers(?).

So I'm counting that job as done.  Don't judge me.

As for the other jobs on the list, best not to ask.  I did manage to scrub the floors but they still look the same.  As for the cobwebs, we had a lovely big storm which washed them all away (bye bye itsy bitsy spider). So I'm claiming that one as done too.

The baking wish has been fulfilled by my daughter, but it was cupcakes, not cinnamon scrolls  or date scones.  What was I thinking?  I don't bake.

And finally, my desk.  Mr Moneymaker has finally entrusted me to go and buy my own little desk rather than an offcut of his big monstrosity.  I would rather find a beautiful bargain somewhere that speaks to me than run off to Ikea and get one off the conveyor belt.  I wonder if that beautiful old dark timber one with a dozen little drawers is still on the corner of the road I saw on the way to work this morning?

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