Sunday, March 18, 2012

When inspiration comes and you don't have a laptop

I've been a bit disappointed in myself lately.  Not just the normal day to day failures domestically (I try not to worry too much about that stuff), but my infrequent blogging.

I used to write in a journal when the kids were very little, usually sitting in a cafe while one of them slept in the pram.  My husband loved to read it every now and then so he could look back at the lovely little milestones they made as tottering toddlers.  It made him centred and it was a stress release from work.

But then I stopped writing.  Life got too busy and there just weren't enough quiet moments to reflect.  Mr Moneymaker often comments that he misses reading that journal and I miss writing in it.  I also realised that the times I feel like writing down the stuff in my head, I'm usually out walking or driving home from work.  These also happen to be the times I do NOT have a pen or paper or in fact am physically able to write anything down. I know I can read a book while I walk but I don't think it will be practical for me to scribble away while I'm walking the dog.

Now that I've been blogging for just over a year, I'm sorting out what's the purpose of Birdy Num Num.  I wanted it to be a reflection of my life and also a record.  There hasn't been too much of that as I've had a dabble at product reviews, competitions, photography and causes.  And occasionally I've written about my family, my past and my heritage.  There's no real one purpose here, as I'm sure you've realised by now if you've been reading.

And guess what, I like it like that!

This isn't supposed to be work for gawd's sake!  It's not a duty and I've got to stop beating myself up about it.  There's too much else in daily life to feel guilty about without making my hobby a job.  And if I feel like rabbiting on about any old shit, I will, 'cause sometimes I still think I'm just writing in my journal for myself (and not even for Mr Moneymaker who had inadvertently made me change my writing style when he started reading the diary).

So apologies to those who would like me to be regular and dependable, I've never quite been that type of person.  I am a Pisces after all.

p.s.  I really meant to write about an old friend who was deceived by a lying rat for years but once again, I got distracted.  I will save that story for another time.

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  1. Definately not the place to feel guilty! It needs to be something that works for you and fits in with the demands of your life. I only post once a week as that is all I feel I can give my blog at the moment. I wish I too had kept up with the journalling and recording of my kids. I have started it many times so have lots of snippets here and there. Maybe I will start again?


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