Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Digging around for family skeletons ... and feet

Yesterday I received an email from a previously unknown cousin in New Zealand.  She is from my mother's uncle who died in World War One in France and she has a website that helps people search for their ancestry.  This may not be very exciting to other people but as my sister and I are investigating where we come from, it is HUGE to us.

On her website is a picture of our Great Uncle Arnold in his uniform which bears an uncanny resemblance to our brother.

This also is in the front of my mind lately as we recently gathered our family together to hold a ceremony for our Mum and Dad's ashes to be laid to rest in Ballina.  It was a surprisingly pleasant event as all five siblings and 3 of our cousins were together in the one place for the first time in around 40 years.

There was much laughing, drinking, food, music and dancing - even a bit of singing.  Exactly how Mum and Dad used to party.

We also noticed that we all have weird feet.  We may or may not have descended from hobbits.

Maybe other families have strong chins or prominent noses, what is your family similarity?


  1. Now here is a thing to ponder. If someone showed you a line up of the same body part, could you pick yours?
    One of those feet belong to me and I can't really define which is mine.

  2. My sisters and I all have the "family thighs". URG, of all things to inherit!
    So excited to read your blog Becci, off to go read more now :)

  3. Such a cute photo of feet. Bet you had fun shooting it !