Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello Summer!

Before I start emptying the guff out of my head, I want to officially close the Panasonic competition and thank all of you that entered (some great comments including calling your husbands appliances(?)). I will be consulting with Emma from Soup to decide and announce the winner on Thursday. So keep watching!

There are days where sometimes I find a little patch of peace and can actually just relax and not think of all those things I need to do and all those things I haven't done. Yesterday was that day.

I finally found some time (and energy) to get out for my walk around the bay on Sunday at 10am but it happened to be the same time as a fundraising group which were wandering five deep on the path. Now, don't get me wrong, good on them and everything but maybe they could have started a couple of hours earlier when there are not so many walkers, joggers and bike riders. Also Sydney (the city, not my dog) really brought out the heat yesterday and alot of the charity walkers were finding it pretty hard going.

Well I was finding it pretty hard going. I hadn't done the bay in a couple of months due to some really valid excuses reasons. After weeks of rain, we then had visitors staying for the school holidays and for the following two weeks I was sick with the flu. This was the first day I could walk and breathe without wheezing but after trying to sprint on the road to get around the crowd, I was watching out for the fundraiser's ambulance that was doing the rounds. I realised for the first time that yes, women my age do have heart attacks with no prior warning. At least my canine companion would run for help - yeah right.

But I made it in one hour, 10 minutes off my old time! I ended up in the soccer park, lying under a tree with my mutt and listening to the lovely strummers at the fundraiser's event. And there I found peace for 30 minutes. Until the Moneymaker and his sidekick, the Nugget rode up on their bikes and wanted food.

Overall it was quite a great morning and I'm determined to keep it up so I can recover quicker from my op next week - eeekkK! In 9 days I will no longer have a womb and of course very cute babies keep popping up in my line of sight. Not that I wanted another one, but still, you know, liked knowing I could have one if I wanted.

ANYWAY! I'm getting off the subject again. What little space do you find peace, or do you find it difficult to switch off?


  1. Yes, I see your point, it is good to know that it is all up your decision and if you wish - you can have one little sweet angel! I Wish everybody to experience this feeling!

  2. Spending time in nature can be so enriching and refreshing. I like to go to the park whenever I feel the need to just get a break of life!


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