Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 2: Something that makes me smile

This always makes me smile - a freshly bathed sleeping Nugget curled up with his Raa (aka stuffed tiger).

After the previous day of unexplained vomiting until 12.45am its good to see he's back to normal. The day involved

- an Open Class morning where he showed me some shockingly great marks in his Maths and English workbooks (who would've known we have a potential academic in the family?);

- his desk mate, a lovely little girl who made very sure that I knew that he was kicking her leg all day ("but Mum, I'm left handed and she's right handed and there's not enough room!");

- front row seats for the school band performance where I just saw the top of Nugget's head at the back of the group where he was playing bass guitar (unfortunately for the last time as he has now moved to drums!!!! - who would've known we had a rock star in the family?);

- the school cake stall (yum butterfly cupcake) where my little man lined up for ages to bring me back the biggest slab of choc and lolly covered cake ("it was supposed to be $1 but they gave it to me for 50c!" - who would've thought we had a hustler in the family?);

- a sweet and sticky toffee flavoured goodbye kiss in front of all the kids;

- an afternoon drum lesson where he impressed his new teacher - he has been having lessons for 2 years and looks the part;

- finished the day with soccer training where he ran back a couple of times, in between imitating David Beckham, for cuddles.

So seeing he recovered so well and showed me a stellar day I made his favourite dinner - sausage sandwiches. He was a happy little Nugget which makes me smile.

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