Thursday, July 29, 2010


New template - nice eh?
Update on progress - completed online writing course but missed the deadline so no certificate - aww. Bad luck but I did discover a more structured way of getting that story written. Just have to find the time.
City 2 Surf in less than 2 weeks - not fit, not much excercise done due to all the rain, sore back and painting house!  Such excuses I have.  As for the Harmonica course, went well but have only picked it up again a couple of time since.
So overall, not progressing well at all.  Hate Winter, no motivation.
Painting the house has been painful.  Husband and Father in law were supposed to do most of it while we were sunning (?) ourselves up the coast, but F.I.L. fell ill and will not be capable of doing this.  Husband attempted to do it by himself but way too much.  I spent most of second week of school holidays pitching in so we can live normally again - but now we are on the verge of putting house on the market.  Yeah, let's get some more stress in our lives!  Would love to just coast through the days for awhile with no major projects going on but why be boring. 
Now we are booking a holiday in September to Thailand, so that should motivate me.
I shouldn't be posting these blogs when I feel I don't have a goal I'm striving for, I'm all over the place at the moment and need to find some focus - am I running in the City2Surf? are we selling our house? are we going to go into massive debt for our dream house? are we travelling overseas?
Tune in next week for some answers or probably more questions.

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  1. I wonder if you did make it to the City2Surf? And the house painting? I am like you. Completely lose all motivation in Winter for all things. Good news! It is almost Spring. Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind. Sorry about your link x


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